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From Planning to Storing

We offer a variety of storage space sizes and parking options to meet your needs. Whether you have a few boxes or an entire house or need a space for your web shop storage, we have the right space at the right price! We have packing supplies to make your move easier.

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Short term storage Service

You might find yourself looking for a storage company while you are refurbishing your house or you need a quick storage space.

Get It All Service Aps storage, is the first choice in quick storage service for residential and commercial Clients for the people of Copenhagen sjælland area; our all-inclusive storage experience and safe, secure locations can’t be beat! We have a selection of unit sizes available to fit any fit storage needs, from a few boxes to large some and warehouse-sized spaces. We even drive up to clients to pick up their properties and deliver to them when it’s needed options to help store bulky or delicate items!

Do you have questions about our storage service? Call us on 93 84 13 33. Email us at

Our Price Description and Break Down

We are a professional moving company created to move more than just your boxes, we’ll do it with pleasure. We will pack, move, store and bring everything back to you.

2 sqm. Small Storage Units

DKK 425/per week

Store boxes, chairs, bookcases, and small household furniture

4 sqm. Medium Storage Units

DKK 685/per week

Store chairs, sofas a desk and boxes and small household items.

6 sqm. Large Storage Units

DKK 825/per week

Store desks, furniture, sofas, beds, washer and dryer and other large household items

8 sqm. X-Large Storage Units

DKK 985/per week

Store several mattress, sofas,furniture, appliances and other large household items

10 sqm. XX-Large Storage

DKK 1099/per week

Store several mattress, sofas, furniture, appliances and other large household items or office items

12 sqm. XXX-Large Storage

DKK 1249/per week

Store several mattress, sofas, boxes, furniture, dining tables,appliances and other large items

Outside the working hours, we impose a fee of DKK 200 Per Hour. If you want a fixed price, no matter the time and date, you can arrange a meeting with our customer service representative.


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Private & Commercial Services

Our established local family business has proudly served residential and commercial clients since 2013. With over 6 years of experience we’ve built a reputation for excellence


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You fill out your Special Transport assignment information.
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We gets your request and one of our customer service representative respond back to you with a price offer for Special Transport assignment.



3. We are ready handle your special item

If you agreed to our price offer, one of experiences delivery driver will be ready to attend to you.

4. Enjoy Our Best Services

After the service has been done, we will send you an invoice where it need to be paid within 8 days or better still you can pay right away with one of our method of payment.