Electronics Recycling & Disposal Services

Dispose of Old Electronic Devices Responsibly

  • Old electronic devices can be difficult to get rid of on your own. Throwing them in the garbage is highly discouraged, which raises the question, “Where do I recycle electronics? At Get It All Service Aps, our professionally trained junk removal teams are the best choice for electronics removal and recycling.


  • Whether you’ve got an old TV, computer monitor, keyboard, speakers, or any other electronic devices that need to be discarded, you can count on our team to remove all your old electronics safely, efficiently, and responsibly. On top of the safe removal of any electronics, Get It All Service Aps offers a guarantee that we will do our absolute best to dispose of every item we remove from your home or office in the most eco-friendly manner possible. That means that every piece of electronic equipment will be sorted and taken to the appropriate electronics recycling site.


  • Your electronics are complex devices. They are composed of countless parts that can be reused and recycled for a variety of new uses. When you simply throw them in the trash, they end up in a landfill, where they take many years to break down. They can even leak harmful chemicals, which get absorbed into the earth. Get It All Service Aps can help you avoid that situation by either donating your items to those in need for a second use or by taking them to the appropriate facilities where they will be broken down and recycled.


What Types of Electronics Do We Take?

  • We’ll take just about anything you want to get rid of. Just be sure to protect your
    personal data and remove all personal information from computers, smart phones, and tablet devices before we arrive. We will happily donate or recycle:

    • Washing machine
    • Washing dryer
    • Computers
    • TV’s
    • Computer Monitors
    •  Stereo Systems
    • Speakers
    • Smart Phones
    • Tablets
    • Hard Drives
    • VCR’s 
    • DVD/Blu-Ray Players
    • Gaming Systems
    • Power Tools
    • Rechargeable batteries


How Much Does Electronics Recycling Cost?

  • At Get It All Service Aps., we always offer our customers up-front and honest pricing. We will never start any work without first providing a free, no-obligation price estimate. We’ll assess your situation and let you know what to expect. We strive to be the most affordable electronics recycling option in the area. Your estimate will vary based on the number of electronic items you have for us to take.

    Other benefits of our carpet disposal services include:

    • Eco-friendly recycling and donations
    • Same-day or next-day services for those last-minute situations
    A team that is licensed, bonded, and insured for the safety of you and your home.


Items we take